3 Habits of Chinese tourists you should know…

3 Habits of Chinese tourists you should know…


       Talking about tourism in Thailand would be impossible without mentioning foreign tourists who visit Thailand. Most of the income from Thailand’s tourism comes from foreign tourists.

       According to Tourism Analytics, more than 50% of foreign tourists visiting Thailand are Chinese. Therefore, businesses in Thailand that are related to the tourism industry there is a greater emphasis on Chinese tourists. As a result, many businesses are employing more Chinese-skilled workers, especially careers related to working in airports. And tourism such as airport receptionists, airport representative staff, staff holding a welcome sign, hotel staff, etc. In addition, the restaurant attractions or even public transport places also added Chineseness in different ways into that business as well. Including signs with Chinese Hiring staff with Chinese language skills adding promotions or adding things in order to be able to reach Chinese tourists more easily.

       So today, Airport REP will summarize the characteristics of Chinese tourists that should be known. This is important for working in the field of airport receptionists and other service lines. Let’s start with…

1. Chinese people don’t use cash.

    With society in China known as a cashless society. They most prefer to pay or spend money through QR Code and credit card because it is convenient and can pay for goods and services around the world. Therefore, when they come to Thailand, they like to use the service that payment can be made by QR Code or credit cards more than cash. That is the reason why many businesses try to adopt cashless payment platforms and systems to accommodate the convenience of Chinese tourists.

2.The Chinese are open and loud.

       Many Thais when they meet a group of Chinese people who are talking loudly, think that they are not polite. But!… don’t think too far. That’s simply for the Chinese people’s culture. So when they come to Thailand, they don’t understand Thai culture and etiquette. We don’t talk too loudly when we stay with a lot of people, and most of the Chinese people are very straight-forward. “Say what they think clearly and don’t care too much about the media”. Therefore, they are less wary of words that will intimidate others. That is the opposite to how Thai people tend to keep their words and feelings in order to care for each other. So, Chinese tourist service providers like us(Airport REP), when we understand this point of Chinese people, have to adjust to be able to serve them more efficiently.

 3.Chinese people focus on materialism.

       Chinese society has a very high value in buying brand name products, which can be noticed by Chinese tourists who come to Thailand. Most of the time, they always use brand name products. Some people may think, ” That because people who want to travel abroad, they have to be rich in order to travel.” Yes!That’s true but  not at all. Did you know that general office workers like to use brand-name products a lot? which is no different from our country (Thailand). They are also avid shoppers. Therefore, when they come to Thailand, they tend to buy quiet goods and take them back to China. Because most Thai products sold in China are more expensive than Thailand itself.