5 Things you should know to be a good receptionists

5 Things you should know to be a good receptionists

       The profession of receptionist in any industry. They are always the first people who meet customers. Many times the credibility and professionalism of the company starts with taking care of the reception staff themselves. Therefore, to make the reception staff more efficient. We should know what it’s like to be a good receptionist.

  • Basic skills to use  technology for work

The use of company telephones often requires communication with many departments of the company to coordinate things. So knowing how to use it reduces the delay in coordination. Also, should have skills in using computers and related programs including specific programs of that company or industry You should also be skilled in using copiers scanner and a preliminary printer

  • Management skills

In general, the receptionist is often the first person to take care of the customer. Coordinate with colleagues or other relevant departments. Handling phone calls in/out, viewing email management. Even work with clients that need to arrange meetings or events.  From the duties mentioned above, it can be seen that the receptionist has to do many tasks at the same time. Therefore, good time and work management will help to work more efficiently.

  • Listening skills

Receptionists often have a job that requires listening to others. whether listening on the phone, questions that customers are asking, or information passed to the receptionist. That is the reason, having good listening skills will allow you to understand what the other person is talking about. Which leads to effective work and problem solving. as well as contacting the people that customers want to meet faster as well.

  • Communication skills

In addition to the reception staff having a duty to listen, they also need to be able to speak or elaborate, so that the communication is pertinent and easy to understand and to make the operation go more smoothly. So, practicing good communication skills is another thing that a potential receptionist should practice.

  •  Good attitude with people and job

In work and communication, no one wants to connect with someone who clearly shows off his bad temper and bad attitude. So, showing a good attitude is by smiling, showing politeness and friendliness to the interlocutor. Co-workers or customers will help you feel more comfortable and impressed. Sometimes, the receptionist may face customers who show an unfriendly attitude. What a receptionist should do is Restrain yourself and try to use your composure with as many clients as possible as calmness will help things go smoothly.