Did you know! How is it good to register for permission to hold a welcome sign at the airport?

Did you know! How is it good to register for permission to hold a welcome sign at the airport?

Holding the airport welcome signs, many people may think that it’s not a difficult thing. Anyone can go to stand and hold the airport welcome sign but! not the same what you think.

An airport welcome sign in buffer zone to greet passengers on the airport or other sign that hold by the tours, guides, airport representative staffs, hotel staffs, drivers or even the general public who want to hold a welcome sign permission must be obtained from the relevant airport staff. Person who wants to hold welcome sign or any sign can come to register for permission to hold the sign at the Registration Desk for Paging Board Form.

The reason why the hold welcome signs or any other signs at the airport is required to be registered for permission is due to airport passenger safety measures. In order to prevent any danger that may occur to the lives and property of passengers from the malicious actions of these criminals. Which is often disguised in the form of a receptionists, representation staffs, guides, tours, drivers or even a person who is waiting to pick up relatives or close friends. These individuals will rely on their dress and actions that mimic the above entities. If there is no registration to identify the person holding the banners. It will be difficult to identify when unexpected events occur. Of course, most people who use the service from airport or the general public do not know, does not draw attention and is unable to distinguish who is a person real employees or agencies who waited to pick him up and other passengers. And who exactly is a crook? Make passengers fall prey to those crooks easily. Therefore, the airport has come out with regulations and rules to register for permission to hold the banners to identify the person holding the banners. However, if anyone disobeys, does not ask for permission to hold the sign of that person or that agency. The first time will be warned by the staff and if there is a next time. was strictly forbidden to enter the area holding a welcome sign

Who is benefiting from the regulations for permission to lift the passenger placard?

Passengers and service users in the airport

– Help in the initial scan of scammers

– Reduce the rate of loss of life, property and passenger feelings

– Reduce paranoia in the use of various services from those involved


– Gain the trust of airport users Reduce the reputation of the airport

– Raise safety standards to people around the world

Companies, agencies or persons involved in holding the passenger welcome signs

– Reduce the rate of defamation from impersonating the use of the company’s name. Organizations or individuals

– Increase passengers’ trust in employees or agencies that serve passengers.

– Reduce the workload and pressure to be seen as a scammer