Do the receptionists of each business line have different responsibilities? What functions do they have?

Do the receptionists of each business line have different responsibilities? What functions do they have?

“Receptionist” many people hear that they would think of employees with good personalities. Smile and be friendly to customers or guests who need to serve, right? Have you ever wondered if hotel, airport, bus, train, and cruise ship receptionists work differently?

So, let’s analyze together! Let’s start by getting to know the general duties that most receptionists are obliged to perform.

The receptionist is the first person to get close to the customer or guest. They therefore have the main important functions of impress customers. This includes a friendly welcome and convenience to customers who use the service. To meet the needs of the customers who use the service. This is the main function that the receptionists have to do. But when in different business lines, their duties actually need to be customized to suit each line of business as follows…


Hotel Receptionist

Will be responsible for welcoming customers who come to contact both Thais and foreigners service counter. Taking care of the room booking / Check in – Check out of the guests who come to stay (This will take care of both online and offline bookings). In addition, must answer the phone / check E-mail related matters and coordinate with internal departments and related companies.


Airport Receptionist


  • Ground staff

Responsible for welcoming and facilitating passengers from the time the passenger enters the airline’s service until the passenger is boarded in the responsibility and service of the air hostess.

  • Airport Representatives staff

This can be either an employee from the airport itself or another agency. Responsible for holding welcome sign of inbound passengers and facilitating the arrival of passengers at the airport until transferring passengers to the next agency to be responsible, such as tour operators, hotels and accommodation, etc.


Bus Hostess

It is responsible for checking passenger tickets to guide the position of the passenger’s seat. Observe passengers to assist and facilitate them. Serving food and beverages including coordinating between passengers and drivers about the parking position for sending passengers in other locate apart from to the parking station


Train Attendant

before the time to welcome the passengers, the flight attendants will have to prepare items and equipment used during the passenger’s journey. Including the inspection of fire extinguishers every time before starting the service. When the passenger arrives, the train attendants must assist passengers with boarding, finding seats. Collecting tickets from passengers before the train departs and ensuring everyone is in their specified seat. Then serving food and beverages at specified times. In addition, they must always observe and provide convenience to passengers.


Cruise Ship’ Receptionist

They are responsible for taking care of passengers from the moment they check in on the ship. Check personal information, accommodation, and bookings throughout the trip. Including handling according to various demands that passengers want. Observes and provide convenience to passengers.