How advanced is the receptionist career?

How advanced is the receptionist career?

Of course, in every career everyone has expectations for growth in their respective fields. Some of them succeeded by being promoted. Some people expand to work in related fields. Or even some people who run businesses are successful but some people choose to go to work in a new field that may not be related to the old  field at all. Therefore, studying and understanding the nature of work Scope and progress of work in the future is very important to plan your work life.

 Another career that many people wonder how they can grow in this career is the receptionist career.


Receptionists are generally responsible for welcoming guests or customers. which is considered one of the most important faces of the company but in the likeness, there are still various minor details that vary follows industry

       But! Today we will talk about the main duties that receptionists often have to do. Let’s see! How much does this field of work have opportunities for advancement or opportunities to expand and can be carried on in other fields? 


Receptionist Duties

To impress customers includes a friendly welcome and convenience to customers and to meet the needs of customers who use the service. This is the main duties that the receptionists have to do. Therefore, it is imperative that the employees have a good personality and are always friendly.


Receptionist advancement opportunities

Usually, in every field, there is always an opportunity for advancement but it depends on many factors as well that go into promotion. Extension of work and others such as our own competence, ability of the company, character / corporate culture, economy and social environment at that time.


Promoted to other relevant departments

Some people, when a company sees the ability of an employee that can be extended from a receptionist, may be promoted to other administrative functions such as customer service representative, dispatcher, HR department, interview, secretary, Production Assistant, Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant.


Jobs field that is not related to the original job


Receptionist positions may have the opportunity to build a field into other positions that may not be related to the receptionist line but can be extended to other work. Some people may use this type of work to familiarize themselves with or understand office work or to learn other functions or positions within the company, such as receptionist in various entertainment companies. You can turn yourself into a writer, actor, artist.


*** In the end, do not forget that success or progress comes when we are constantly striving for and improving ourselves.***