Solve doubts! What situation people use the airport representative service? And the reason?

Solve doubts! What situation people use the airport representative service? And the reason?



First of all, we need to understand the operation of airport representative service early how they will come to help facilitate tourists or passengers at the airport.

***From now on, I will use the word “passenger” instead of the word foreigners, tourists and users of the airport representative service in sentences with the same meaning in order to avoid confusion***

The main duties of airport representative staffs or also known as welcome sign holding staff have to do are…

– Waiting to hold a welcome sign for passengers on the meeting point prepared by the airport.

– Handling of travelers’ luggage

– Take passengers to the rest area or take it to the waiting point for the car service (advice on what is useful to passengers)

– Liaise with relevant agencies such as tour companies or tourists’ accommodation

– Provide convenience services to passengers during the journey back to the country as well

In what cases do you use the airport representative service?

  1. 1. When you are a foreigner who wants to travel abroad f course, traveling abroad or even traveling in countries in areas that we are not familiar with. Often confused and disoriented Anxiety or discomfort in traveling is frequent, so foreigners prefer to use airport concierge services for peace of mind and to avoid making any mistakes in their travels.
  2. When wanting to welcome relatives or acquaintances traveling from abroad. In this case, it also can be the person in the country contacting the service or can also be the people from abroad contacting with the service. For the airport representative staff can assist their relatives or acquaintances arriving at the target airport.
  3. Traveling of foreign business partners, many companies have business partnerships or business agreements that have to corporate with another company related to their business Therefore, having a good reception from the host company is another way to build good business relationships and friendships.
  4. Traveling of important people of the country, this clause is of an objective similar to the reason for using the service in Article 3 in which the good reception of the country’s dignitaries. Demonstrates that the visitor is important to the host country or the relevant authority. In some cases, this may mean a preliminary assessment of your satisfaction and trust with the host.

The Airport Hospitality is one of the key areas to make a good first impression. (The first aspect to make an impression) to passengers