What is the position airport representative?

What is the position airport representative?

Has anyone ever noticed when going to the airport and saw people holding up signs waiting to pick up tourists? That is the employee in this position. It is called Airport Representative.

what is the position airport representative?

Airport Representative is the position of receptionist at the airport.

work overview

  1. Get ready before welcoming passengers.

Before traveling, passengers will reserve a car to reserve a hotel before. When receiving passenger information, the receptionist must prepare a welcome sign. Must specify name – surname of the passenger, the organization of the passenger, the name of the hotel accommodation that the passenger has reserved, when the passenger arrives at the airport, the passenger will see us by seeing the welcome sign held up. Therefore, the passenger welcome sign must provide detailed information. to make it easier for passengers to find us.

  1. Find our passengers.

Passengers sometimes sit on planes for long periods of time. When there is exhaustion, fatigue from traveling. Arriving at the airport, many welcome guests may be confused and unable to find their names. Therefore, the reception staff, in addition to being well prepared, must also have a love of service, must be calm, politely ask for information to ensure that they are the passengers that we must take care of.

  1. Serve passengers with heart.

when the passenger is found to take passengers to the resting point or take it to the waiting point for the shuttle bus. The reception staff must fully facilitate the passengers and provide accurate and useful advice to the passengers such a delicious restaurant Popular tourist spots, money exchange points, etc.

  1. Provide service to pick up passengers back to the airport.

when passengers have to return to their own country. We will have a car service to pick up passengers to the airport or some passengers who want to travel on the last day but don’t want to take their luggage with them. We also provide luggage delivery service to pick up at the airport. In the part where passengers have already arrived at the airport. The receptionist will lead passengers to check-in to issue boarding passes and inform passengers about a gate that is a waiting point. Once the passengers have understood, they will send the passengers to impress them with smiles and wish them a safe journey back and ask us to have the opportunity to welcome them again next time.

  1. Inform the details of the job to the owner of the job.

Make a document that welcomes passengers to the owner for professionalism, complete the work and to be a document that can be used for retrospective work.

  1. Evaluate the results and improve the service.

when passengers offer good and bad opinions. Employees must listen and improve the service even further.