When you first travel by airplane (domestic), what do you need to do?

 When you first travel by airplane (domestic), what do you need to do?


       Many people probably haven’t had the experience of traveling with a plane. When the first boarding of a plane arrives, it often does not know how to act right and doesn’t know where to start. Therefore, today we are going to tell you (traveler) the correct boarding procedure from the start when you enter the airport for newbies who want to travel with a plane domestically.

  • Prepare before going to the airport

       Check booking information, time and luggage needed to travel. Including studying prohibited baggage and the requirements for boarding the plane from home before you travel. On the timing side, in general, beginners should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours to give them more time to prepare because we don’t know if we’re likely to make a mistake or cause chaos that could lead to a crash.

       In addition, various documents must be prepared that must be used when boarding the plane as well include:


       1.1 Evidence of online ticket purchase with the airline that we use from the application that makes a reservation. Or you can be printed out on paper at all.


       1.2 Identification card or if you’re a foreigner, you’ll need a Passport.

  • Check-in (Verify identity before boarding)

       There are 3 ways to verify your identity or check in


       2.1 Check-in at the counter of the booked airline

can walk into the check-in counter of the airline to check-in using the proof of booking and the identity card provided follow article 1. Including loading luggage to keep under the plane. The staff or receptionist at check-in will issue a boarding pass to enter the waiting gate for boarding. (Check-in point will be open 1 hour before departure)


       2.2 Check-in via Application or Website of the booking airline 

This way, you can check in and print your boarding pass by yourself, or use your E-Boarding Pass from your phone to show up through the receptionist who will check at the gate and get on the plane. Without having to check in at the airport’s airline check-in point.


      2.3 Check-in via kiosk machine (self check-in)

Inside the airport, there are kiosks that look like ATMs but have a logo or symbol indicating they are self check-in . We can bring the Itinerary barcode to scan at the machine and the machine will issue a Boarding Pass.

*This makes it easier for us to check in without having to queue to check in with the receptionist at the counter.*


  • The prohibited objects checkpoint in front of the gate or the departure zone before boarding the plane.

       This is the point where prohibited objects will be inspected before boarding the plane by a scanner. Therefore, for the speed of checking for travelers, we need to separate our luggage with batteries or accessories that we find, for example, if we have a power bank/notebook/smart phone. should be separated from the bag. After passing this checkpoint, travelers will be able to enter the Gate to sit and wait to get ready to board the plane.