Why is Buffer Zone important?

Why is Buffer Zone important?

The buffer zone which is a word used to describe or define the territory of that area. For the purpose of blocking or marking to exclude each line has a Buffer zone used to indicate the area that is used or the nature of the area is different. in order not to invade or encroach on the controlled territory

National Parks and forest departments often set up buffer zones to place boundaries between people and animals and forest areas. In order not to cross the line with each other.

     For industry and community sections are often used to identify the frontiers in which industries can operate. Communities must be ready to understand and accept the risk that living in an industrial area can be dangerous at any time when an operational accident occurs, and communities need to be prepared to deal with more pollution problems than the other community. That is industrial zones and in green zones, which are usually community zones, are blocked from any industrial plant. In other words, a green area is an area where the community lives and polluting industries are not allowed to enter this area.

       In terms of aircraft operations, the term “buffer zone” is used to provide security and convenience to airport arrivals. Each airport has a different buffer zone. To suit each other such airports as Suvarnabhumi Aircraft or Suvarnabhumi Airport that everyone often calls each other. Which is the largest airport in Thailand at the moment and has a large number of passengers and other users at the airport. There are also tour operators, guides, hotel receptionists, airport receptionist (airport representative), persons waiting to pick up relatives or people related to passengers and other agencies that are waiting to receive or service the departure passengers of the airport a lot. Therefore, there is a possibility that there are scammers lurking among these people. There may be dress codes imitating the hotel staff, airport representative staff, tour guides and tour companies. If a passenger is a victim of these scammers, they may be deceived, harassed or even endangered the life and property of the passenger and rape which can occur with both male and female passengers traveling alone or in small groups. that is a reason why the person why has duties in airport try to protect their passenger. Suvarnabhumi Airport defines the area for people who use service from airport and the person who related as follows.

       The area from Gate 1 to Gate 3 of the airport shall be designated as a public area which can be used by outsiders to welcome or service passengers. And the area from Gate 4 to Gate 10 is classified as a restricted area, This is a buffer zone, where only relevant airport staff and passengers who arrival airport are allowed. so that passengers can use their own time in their own personal use of various services of the airport within a freely controlled area and not too disturbed by outsiders.