A receptionist who is more than a receptionist.

A receptionist who is more than a receptionist.

When talking about jobs that work at the airport, most people would think of pilots, or flight attendants (Air-hostess). But besides these jobs that have been mentioned, there are many more careers which also work in an airport as well. One of them is “Airport Representative”. Most people might not know that it is a career but might have seen some in airports when traveling by airplane. They are those people who hold the sign or papers in the front of the airport gate. Right after the luggage pick-up section.

“Airport Representative” is one of the careers that work similar as a receptionist of the airport just like an air-hostess. They have a responsibility to pick up the client at the airport by holding a sign or paper. First of all, they need to wait for the client to pick up their luggages and come out from the gate. That moment is the time to hold the sign which could be the client’s name, hotel’s name or the company’s name. The purpose is to make sure the clients know which one is their staff that they have deal with. When they meet their client, the next thing to do is to lead them to the taxi, or drive them to the Hotel or destination that the clients want to go. The job will help foreigners feel comfortable after the long flight and relax on the way to their destination. On the way, the sign holder might need to transfer themselves into a guide. Explain and represent the country or town. To give the necessary information is also the best thing to do. So the clients could know some cultures or rules.

There are several types of clients, the traveller, the business traveler or the VIP. So the Airport Representative must be ready for every client they get. Because they must remember that they are the very first person to meet the clients. First impressions are important.

If you read until here and are interested in the job, you could contact the hotels or directly to the airport.

You might get some unexpected experiences from the job.

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