A small career that many people overlook.

A small career that many people overlook.

when people travel abroad especially the country that they have been to the first time. Even if the traveler himself has studied the information well but I believe that it wouldn’t be as heartwarming as having your feet on the familiar ground.

According to the one movie that said that an airport is a place of both regret and joy. Regret when we have to send our loved ones or our loved ones to travel far away. Then, there is happiness when we welcome our loved ones back into our arms by hugging them tightly with our loved ones or family. The atmosphere of the airport is therefore an atmosphere and a place with a lot of stories and an overwhelming feeling. If you imagine that the people in the airport would consist of passengers and relatives who brought their families to meet or greet, or careers in the airport would be for example Flight attendant or air hostess-stewart. The dream career of many young people and captains who dress dignified. However, if you imagine when traveling alone or when we step foot on another country that we are not familiar with, then we are more or less dreaded as to what to do. or where should I travel.

If everyone closes their eyes and imagines the atmosphere of the airport again. There is another group of people that many people have overlooked. Every time we pick up our bags and walk out in front of the airport gate. In addition to seeing family or loved ones standing and welcoming them with happy faces. There is another career that keeps holding signs in the airport or we call Airport Representative career. Which many people have overlooked or some people may not even know this career. This occupation is a small but important occupation as any other occupation. which sometimes may not be just in the airport It could be a port, a train station, like a scene in the movie A Little Thing Called Love. where the heroine had to stand and hold a sign welcoming foreigner at the train station.

A staff holding an airport sign is the person who gives us comfort or relief that we will be able to get to the hotel safely. It also shows the care of the hotel and accommodation as well. Many people think that this career is a simple and comfortable career, just standing and waiting to welcome customers. However, if we think of the other way around as a career that requires calm and emotional support for customers who come for hours and politely ask their customers for their inquiries. In order to ensure that the customer information is correct during the journey, the airport staff will also have to provide customer service by notifying customers of the arrival time before arriving at the accommodation or when traveling through different places, you must inform customers that which locations can be used. Whether it’s a community restaurant, a museum, a park.

We can see that just the job of the employee holding the sign is still as important as other careers. Just as important in their own way, as well as the many small occupations in the world, may be just as important as any other profession and deserve to be treated equally.