What type of customers are suitable for receiving service from an Airport Representative?

What type of customers are suitable for receiving service from an airport representative?

As we know, the company that the author works for is the company that performs various tasks related to the position of airport representative or the receptionist at the airport. Generally, this position will cover a lot of activities, including raising a sign to receive customers at the airport, take you to the hotel Provide various information about hotels and attractions, and finally sending customers or tourists back to the airport for further boarding. Most of the time, airport representative will welcome VIP customers which the author believes many of you readers may not understand the true meaning of the word VIP. So, what does it mean?

VIP, short for very important person, has been in use for almost 100 years. From the time when the world was facing war and then the word spread to be used calling high-ranking people in various work positions. Celebrities and celebrities are also considered VIPs. VIPs are sometimes used to be provide with a higher level of service than the average person and the price goes up too. So, looking back at the airport representative profession, welcoming VIP customer is to raise the level of service to customers who are willing to use the service at a price that the general people cannot afford or, to put it simply, it is suitable for the rich. This type of customer tends to buy services with the company on a regular basis because the staff will take care of them and handle everything. customers do not have to wait for a long time at the airport, do not have to drive by yourself, no need to carry luggage to bulk up. We can say that an airport representative staff will run out everything throughout the service. It is more convenient for customers who pay a portion of their money in exchange for the happiness they desire.

There is also another type of customer who would like to be served by an airport representative. This type of customer will travel alone. There are no relatives in the country they travel to including not knowing things in that country as well for example transportation, attractions, restaurants, etc. To make tourism more flexible, this type of customer therefore chooses to use the service of the receptionist in the airport mainly. In addition to providing convenience, it also makes them feel safe because there are people who take care of them, and they are not easily cheated because of their unknown in everything of the country they travel to. They may be cheated on the fare, wandering in the city or no one took them to the famous tourist attractions in the country. Sometimes this type of customer is not just concerned with having too much money like a VIP one.

In summary, most customers choose to use an airport representative service because of these main factors such as comfort, mobility, safety, have more time to focus on their travelling and other reasons that the author may not have mentioned in this article. But whatever the reason. If you intend to be an airport representative, may you serve our customers with care so that customers are satisfied with you and your company and customers will not be disappointed by what we have to offer.